6 location around Reykjavík for northern lights photography

If you’re staying near Reykjavík and want to capture the Northern Lights, there are several locations in proximity to the capital that offer good opportunities. Here are 6 recommended locations for Northern Lights photography near Reykjavík:

Grótta Lighthouse:

Located on the Seltjarnarnes Peninsula, Grótta Lighthouse offers a peaceful setting with views of the ocean and the Northern Lights.

Sun Voyager sculpture

On a good day with clear sky the sculpture Sun Voyager that looks like a viking ship is a good spot. It is central in Reykjavík and the coast is to the north so you might see the northern lights above the Mountain Esja. Here you get a good oportunity to get three things in on photograph. The sun Voyager, The Yoko Ono Peace column and the Northern lights.


A dark area in Garðabær just outside Reykjavík, providing less light pollution for better visibility of the auroras.

Perlan (The Pearl):

An iconic landmark in Reykjavík, Perlan has an observation deck that can serve as a platform for Northern Lights photography. The hill Öskjuhlíð offers panoramic views of Reykjavík, providing an excellent setting for photographing Aurora borealis.


The official residence of the President of Iceland, Bessastaðir, offers a peaceful and well-maintained area for photography and the northern lights.


A town next to Reykjavík with darker skies compared to the city center. Fine place with view over Reykjavík is by the church in Kársnes. An other good place in Kopavogur is out by the harbor or at the Sky Lagoon.

Light pollution can affect the visibility of the Northern Lights, so choose locations away from city lights for the best experience. Additionally, check the weather forecast and aurora forecast for optimal conditions. Be flexible with your plans, as Northern Lights activity is dependent on solar and atmospheric conditions.