Kristjan Logason Photographer CV


Kristjan has worked for our marketing communication/advertising agency on contract basis for some 14 years and during that time been our first choice for commercial and art photographer. Our repeated business in it self is a testament to his work and we are delighted to give him our highest recommendation.
Kristjan is very professional in his approach to projects and is very forward on delivering the work of the highest degree and on time, be it small projects or large. Kristjan is very easy to work with, helpful, insightful honest and very driven.
Ragnheiður Sigurðardóttir
Chairman of the board of directors
H:N Marketing Communication

Mission Statement:
In spite of studies and awarded work in the field of  advertising and product photography,  my heart has always been with photography as fine art and I have done several experiments in that field. While giving the best photography service I can in the field of art and commercial photography, I am having fun, hope you are to, and maybe we can join forces and do some thing amazing.
- Kristján Logason

The love for Photography

BW image shot on 3200 iso film one evening in Akureyri North Iceland. This is a "one shot" frame and not post production

My interest in photography has always been kind of multilevel in its diversity. Photography spans such a vast amount of fields that its impossible to be good at them all but it is possible to choose some. In the beginning I was mostly torn between documentary street style photography and strong color work even though I did right from the first film start to do experiments with multiple exposure and effects.
The modern approach to location photography.

Now we are not only digitizing images from film but the photography world is going fully digital with all its vast possibilities. This gives me the opportunity to diversify again more than was ever possible. Now I can use all my experiments along the road to not only take images, but make images the way I want.

Darkroom experimentation moves to digital

Some how I ended up as a press photographer in Akureyri, North Iceland. My mind was though spellbound by the magic  of things you could manipulate in the darkroom and all the fun experiments one could do with in-camera exposure. These darkroom/studio experiments proofed to be helpful for my digital work right from the start. 

Editorial photography

Even though I liked being press photographer it was not totally what I wanted so I moved to Reykjavik again and this time doing editorial photography. That was more in the line of what I was looking for. Portraits of people and rock and roll images was something i liked as I am big fan of music and culture.

The art of being studio photographer

The studio seamed like a funny place to be in and experiment with multiple lights, exposure and complex setup. So I decided to head to Sweden and study photography with emphasis on in-house effects. This was at the time Photoshop was coming out and things where changing fast. Still I got to do some creative stuff right after I graduated and started doing advertising photography with emphasis on products and people.

The digital experiments time

Photoshop was coming and there was no way to avoid it, beside it was lot of fun so in the next few years I did all sorts of art work experimenting with the possibilities of manipulated images and collage. When ever I have the time I continue these experiments and deep diving into possibilities of digital work

The real world of an advertising photographer

Strangely enough I was at the same time doing more and more people photography and lot more location work than before like this work for the Icelandic government:

Experiments in studio portraits pay off

My experiments in the darkroom, now moving into the computer and the experience of location shooting moved me into doing all kinds of shot mixing studio, photoshop work and location portraits.

I like people and photography 

I like people and therefore do more people photography than before. Studio images, photoshopped images and street style documentary are all on my agenda either for clients or me self.

Even though I do less Product photography now I still like it as much as doing food photography and love doing complex setups with simple devices like the iPhone and thereby combining all my skills, at the same time I play with the possibilities we have to be creative in this digital age.


Creativity is here to use and only the mind set the limits. I am having fun with photography. Hope you are to and maybe we can join forces and do some thing amazing.


The road

1963 Born in í Kopavogur, Iceland
1974 Grew up in Neskaupsstadur, East Iceland
1982 Bought his first camera in Reykjavik iceland
1982 Joined photo club "Hugmynd '81" , Reykjavik Iceland
1988 Became president of photoclub "Hugmynd 81"
1989 Became a Press Photographer at Dagur newspaper in Akureyri in stead of going to Photography school.
1992 Studied photography in Gothenburg, Sweden 1992 - 1994
1994 Started working as freelance photographer doing advertising and fine-art photography
2006 Took a two year Americas trip in a Motorhome
2010 Moved to Norway

Photography in my heart

In spite of studies in advertising photography my heart has always been with photography as fine art and I have done several experiments in that field. From the time I graduated with digital images, big part of my work has gone into researching what is photograph and what makes it such in the age of digital revolution and changes in the medium. Into that work I have mixed poetry and sound and made what I call poetrypictures. I also work with street photography and in the years 2006 - 2008 I traveled through North and Central America doing street photography and conceptual works. Work I now keep doing in Europe.
Lately I have returned to simplicity in Photography as well as working with poetrypictures, adding more poetry, sound and video to my works. Multidimensional Photography in digital area is my game.

Image techniques

I have for long time been in the forefront of digital photography in Iceland and i am among the first Icelandic Photographers to graduate with digital fine art images as his final exam work. 


"...............The technology made for a change in course and new fields to be explored. All the experiments of in camera multiple exposures and light trickery was to change and move into the computer. I loved this, actually so much that 10 days before the final exam and our graduate exhibition I jumped in to the darkroom of computer age. Every image that I had made and prepared for the exhibition was thrown out and I started working on new images with the aid of a computer. I wanted to do digital images based on short poems i had written to my wife. The digital cameras that we had access to where not good enough. Therefore I had to go out shoot images on film. Develop, Print and then scan them before I could start working on the final collage. Collage it had to be as the quality of digital printing was not good enough and the capability of computers working on big files was none. Therefor my ideas had to be adjusted to the capabilities of the technology. I had to learn, and experiment along the way............."

Photography and post process

Digital photography, post-process in Photoshop, Lightroom and other digital software as well as film based photography and post-process like scanning and color correcting or digitally manipulating images are all in my toolbox of the trade. Also archive, archiving and archive strategies  along with IPTC and work on metadata.

Fotoskolan Vasa Vuxengymnasium, Gothenburg, Sweden, Photography, 1992 -1994
Graduated as one of the first photographers in Iceland with digital photography and digital image manipulation.

Solo exhibitions

1983 First solo show in Neskaupstadur.
1992 Second solo show now in Reykjavík. BW images of people.
1995 Third solo exhibition in Reykjavík. Digital poetry pictures and BW work - Variation of anger.
1996 "Black and White". First by invitation only - internet exhibition at Cycloid Phathom gallery
1996 "From the coloring book" his forth solo show in Reykjavík.
2002 Fifth solo show "Big Step" computer altered Photography. Galery Icelandic Graphic
2004 Galery VFI Big step Bienal version.
2012 Gallery Caballo blanco Norway - Familiarity - mini exhibition

Group exhibitions

1992 Participated in group exhibition with photoclub Hugmynd '81
1998 Group exhibition LÍ/BLÍ in Kopavogur. "Music for ordinary instrument/daily disco" Black and white
1998 Group exhibition Gallery Skruggusteinn. "Music for ordinary instrument/daily disco" Black and white
1999 Group exhibition LÍ/BLÍ. "Portrait" competition among press photographers.
2000 Group exhibition LÍ/BLÍ. "in memory" computer altered Photography
2001 Group exhibition LÍ/BLÍ. "Poetry-Pictures" computer altered Photography and poetry.
2001 Salurinn art fest. "The cliff" multimedia. Pictures,poetry and sound..
2002 Group exhibition LÍ/BLÍ. "Relationship of a man and a woman" BW computer altered Photography.
2003 Florence international bienale de Art, part of the Big step exhibition
2004 Paper - Group exhibition LÍ - Salurinn Kopavogur Iceland

2009 -2010 Usa My way - Where are the people. Lecture/showcase series in, National museum of Iceland, Icelandic school of photography, MA Akureyri and Focus Reykjavik


1997 Book of Poetry an Pictures called "trail". Only 1 copy exists. The book is traveling around in Iceland
2009 USA My Way - where are the people - Self publish.


1996 Epica - finalist. Europian advertizing awards
1997 Epica - finalist. Europian advertizing awards
1997 Kopavogur artist grant.
2003 Myndstef Artist grant
2004 AAA - finalist - Icelandic advertizing awards

Art Projects

2005 - Coordinator of international speakers/photographers for Icelandic photographers associations photo conference
2006 - Coordinator of international speakers/photographers for Icelandic photographers associations photo conference on its 80th years anniversary
2009 - Founder/director of Sjónarhorn - Monthly photography showcase/panel in cooperation with National museum of Iceland and Icelandic photographers association a program that still is going strong.