White sand and postboxes

Mailboxes on Long Beach after hurricane Katrina

Mailboxes on Long Beach after hurricane Katrina

Photographing empty beach and postboxes where there should have been milion dollar homes and densly populated beaches filled with life, is some thing I did not expect. This was though the case at Long beach in Louisian where the only sign of life that was left, was these postboxes of former residents whos houses had been washed out at see with the waves that followed Hurrican Katrina.

According to a police aofficer on duty that night the water was waist high on the main road and all was well untill the backslash of the tide ripped through the neighborhood and washed it away. The debris can still be found in the ocean close to the beach and therefore it was closed for safty reason.

Sign for closed Long beach in Louisiana 9 months after hurrican Katrina



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