Viking rock photography

The group Tyr performing at the Viking festival in Gudvangen in Norway

The group Tyr performing at the Viking festival in Gudvangen in Norway

Becoming a Viking rock photographer by trade I guess I would if I could. So spellbound was I by the massive soundwall of groups like Wardruna, Valravn and Arkona that rock photography got a whole new meaning.

I am not sure if there is any difference between todays concert photography with modern day digital cameras or the old analog film type cameras I used to have. Maybe it is a bit more difficult to get the real colors with out them blurring into a flat wall of singel color. And those higlight ar a tad bit more difficult to hold back. Shadow parts on the other hand are much easier to pick up than was before and with the technique of fill flash and even rear sync curtain you can achive a lot. Rear sync was a blessing in many ways to flash photography.

I tried to avoid flash in concert and arena photography and liked to go with grainy films. Once you grow older you go more soft and I only occasionally like the grain today. There I differ from my friend Martin Norberg who does beautiful grainy images in black and white. But then again the beauty is in the beholder of film and analog workflow. Grain on a silver gelatin enlargement is a tad bit different from noise in a digital image. Noise is ugly grain is beauty

Vikingrock - Images by Kriss Flame

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