Urban street photography

Urban Houston street signs

Urban Houston street signs

Urban street photography is what I call my work in USA sometimes. I do not know if that definition exists or not. Maybe it is just documentary or urban street documentary landscape photography. I dont know, In fact I do not care. As long as I feel that the images speak for them self wand tell a story of what is ther to be seen or more importantly how I felt what should bee seen when I took the picture.

It was strange to realize that you will get nowhere, with out difficulties, if you are without a car in Houston or rest of Texas. Not even a horse will help. Every thing is designed around the car. You cant even walk between two blocks to get to two different companies or shops. This proofed to be one more thing from the first days in USA that would have big impact on the future of my work and what was follow. We had entered the auto zone.

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Urban street photography in Houston Texas

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