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Some of the latest images from fashion Photographer Anna Osk

Images from fashion Photographer Anna Osk published with special liecense from/Anna Ósk

Unfortunately there is no tradition of fashion photography in Iceland. Even though the fashion industry has evolved greatly in the past 15 years or so its still so small that its impossible for a photographer to make a sustainable living from it.  Therefore we cant say that we have many great fashion photographers.

When i was starting out in photography you could find me amongst the women in bookshops looking at fashion magazines while all the other guys where at the far end sinking their eyes in cars, babes and bikes

Amongst the photographers I did study every week are, Patrick DemarchelierNick KnightEllen Von UnwerthSteven MeiselDavid LaChapelleJuergen TellerRichard Avedon and Helmut Newton just to name few.
I sank my eyes into their images trying to find out why they worked, what type of light they used and how many and  how light was falling on every thing. It all helped and I did learn a lot, especially from the reflections from eyes and other things in the images. 

It was never my intention to become a fashion photographer but I felt that I found the coolest images through them, and by studying those i would also follow the trends at any time. The fashion photography blends into advertising and design and I felt it was all connected

In resent years I have only had one eye on fashion photography as it has not interested me much and my mind been occupied with other kind of photography

Now that I am turning my head away from making my living by taking pictures I find my self in the need of studying fashion magazines again. Not only because i need to do some images but also because i have to follow what is trending and i want to seek inspiration and do research on quality

I am going into the leather business. Just as crazy business as photography but like in my images i want to do things my way and at the same time seek highest of craftsmanship and quality

It came as a bit of a shock looking at those magazines now as I felt that I was seeing the same models, pictured by the same photographers, in the same old style as be for. It was a kind of a surprise to see how little had really changed in 10 years time or more

This was a bit of a surprise because my favorite fashion photographer at the time is far from conventional and what is more, she is from Iceland. To take the big step and really evolve into the photographer she is becoming, she had to move to Sweden and luckily she has managed to work hard to make a name for here self.

I have been following Anna Osk for some time now as it has been interesting to see how she develops and challenges here self with a splendid mixture of photography and photoshop work. Here latest color images  pleased me very much and she is one of the few at this time that manage to surprise me again and again. There is no wonder that Italian Vogue fancies here work and publishes it frequently.

In the near future I will be spending again more time studying fashion photography and flipping through both magazines and web pages in search for design and photography inspiration

While doing so I will keep my eye on Anna Osk at and on here Facebook site  or if you like Anna Osk on pintrest and I think you should to

If you on the other hand are interested in leather and fashion accessories you should head over to where i will be posting blog about leather work and later some fashionable images of my products for men and also for photographers. I will still keep on posting some thoughts on photography here at aurora and criss cross my thoguhts in both fields.

Kristjan Logason is an Icelandic photographer based in Norway at the moment, where he mainly works in fine art and commercial fine art photography.Kristjan owns and runs The art of Icelandic photography.You can contact Krissby phone: +47.916.62749