Rural street photography

Girls and Old style taxi - Norway

Girls and Old style taxi - Norway

How do you go about doing rural street photography in a town that has but one main road that runs through it at shoreline and the rest of its streets scattered here and there up the hills like snakes in a landscape. The answare is simple you do it just like the old masters would have done it. Be ready and wait for the moment to come. It can be a long wait but if you are not ready it will never come.

Street photography is not only about waiting for what comes your way. Henri Cartier Bresson was a master at waiting for the moment he knew was going to happen. He wa like a profet in that way. He framed and waited for people to fill that frame in the position he wanted. Same was with one of my favorite Elliott Erwitt. Well if it was not people, he wold turn his lens towards the dogs and if they did not do what he wanted, he would bark. Some of his best moments are there where he barks and the dog just jumps in surprice or gets all ears.


I do not nesseseraly advise you to bark at people when seeking the right desecive moment, it might get you locked up, but do be prepared and do have your eyes open for the most unusual and it will land at your feet. What is the liklyhood of finding a fifties taxy with summer love waiving goodby in Rural Norway. Slim but be prepared and its yours to grab

You can check out these masters in their books:
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Henri Cartier Bresson:

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