Raw street photography by tradition

Down town Houston street scene

Down town Houston street scene

Street photography and documentar photography have always fasinated me in a strange way. It is a spy tool into peoples life and you more often than not, grab the image when people are of guard. Because of the traditions of street photograph, my thoughts where on doing the whole trip in Black and white and preferably on film,

I backed out of it (thank god) and did every thing on digital Canon 1Ds Mkll camera instead. I am thankful for that now as I can select those images that I want to have BW and then run the kind of colors i like on others. I am in more control in fact by taking the pictures this way.

My thought of doing street photography dissapeard quickly when I r4ealized that there where no people outside the houses and offices in the south. The heat was to high for any one to be wanting to go on. That was even the case of this moment taken in the financial district of Houston. It was even in the middle of the day as empty as a small town street. This fact was to set the lines for the comming images of the trip


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