The purple heart

Graduation from a school in New orleans

Graduation from a school in New orleans

For me photographing the purple dressed graduating students coming out of the church in New Orleans and having to walk between two police cars to get out to the streats where their family avaited to celebrate on this happy moment was surreal.

Why these police cars where there, I did not find out and did not understand. But the presense of army recruiters made me more sad. Was that what education was about. To be able to go to war and being killed in some stupid fight to make someone richer as there exploitation of counties and resourses keeps going.

Sorry but I am a man of peace and would rather have seen recruaters from universities and companies standing in line trying to get the best and the brightest on this happy day. At least Iwould have liked to see the carriers of death show a litle respect and stay away on this occation.

But Im told this is the story of the south and some how that story gives me the shivers.Future for young men and woman should be as bright as the purple color of their uniform, not dark green and murky as army outfit.

When are we going to learn to treat each other with the respect we all deserve.


I dont know. Maybe I am just having some Mississippi Masala feeling

graduating studentdressed in purple


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Graduation from a school in New orleans

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