The million dollar Hasselblad baby that fails the test badly


In the "oldies" when you had a fail in your photography it could usually be traced to something YOU did wrong. In the past 10 years or so if you have a fail in your photography, then it is because the manufacturer or the designer of cameras did some thing wrong. I know that I am getting fed up with the flaws of modern technology and in special all those riddiculesly expencive cameras that are being pushed to photographers half built or badly buildt as in the case of my latest experience with a Hasselblad and a H3D50 back.

Tons of dollarbills

When you have a camera, whos price is mesured in the tons of dollarbills it takes to pay for it, you expect it to function in the simplest of situation. That was the case when I bought my Kodak camera and that was the case when I turned in my Kodak camera until I got one that was working the way a camera should be. But it took months of testing and riddiculus painstaking time. If a camera did not work in the oldies you would turn it in and get a new one with out a problem. There was service and they sold cameras that where suposed to work at all speeds and ISO. If not it was flawed. Of all the film cameras I never ever experienced having to turn in the camera. Not even though I did just in case, after beating it so hard against a stone that the 200mm broke of. I see you do that to a digital camera today and pick it up and keep shooting.

I tested my Kodak

I tested my Kodak to the bone and found out all its flaws to avoid. I did the same with my current Canon and also with the Canon 5D MKll wich I have at work, and will try to avoid using, because of its badly design. Its a camera you cant look through the viewfinder of, because you see nothing, its so small and you deffinately do not see the most important things like your settings. Chimping lika a monkey with the camera in all places but infront of your eyes is the modern time situation. At times I think it would be best to go back to 8"x10" field camera, but I did like my Mamiya RZ and it never ever faild on me despite a huge use and loans to people that should not have gotten its hands on it.

Hasselblad H3D50

So when I the other day had a Hasselblad H3D50 in my hands ready to shoot my latest fine art masterpice, I did not do any testing of the camera. Come on its the state of the art masterpice they clame. I had been using the camera for two months, tethered set at ISO 50 and my usual workspeed would be somewhere around 1/4 of a second. What I was going to do was simple. I was going out, crawling in flowerbeds with a 120mm macro lens in shaded light. Simple enough. Unfortunately I can not control the sun and as I was using the apperture of f.4 and had set the camera to iso 200 (ok I know). When the sun jumped from behind a cloud, I quickly changed my speed from 1/60th to 1/180 and boom, bing, bang my images are ruined.

How dare the sell a camera like that

I know that it happend one or two times in the oldies that I would forget my self and put the speed at more than 1/125 when shooting with a flash. This would of cource result in a half lit frame. And I could smack my self on the forehead for being so stupid. But whom should I smack now for being so stupid to put a milliondollar Hasselblad to the speed of 1/180 of a second. How come it does not work and I get a ruind file. How can a camera like that not work at all speeds and all iso. How dare the sell a camera like that for the price they do.

Its because of bad design

NO its not because of any thing I did. Its because of bad design. If a camera does not work at all iso it is supposed to work at, and all speeds, it is badly designed and  or built.

No it was not the card, and any ways if the card i had would not have been fast enough, it would still be because of a bad design. Cameras of that size and price should have large enough buffers to be able to save the images with out problems. No matter what type of card I had. If they dont, redesign them, or tell the customer that the camera is useless if not theathered and set to 50 iso and speed below 1/60th.

500 dollar camera works better

How long are we going to put up with this shit of endlessly having to send in the camera and download some firmware, it does not save the lost shots. Only thing worse than camera manufacturers are programmers and software companies. I better not even get started there. When my 500 dollar camera works better and has fewer flaws than the milliondollar baby then somthing is seriously wrong in this world.

Who is going to pay me

Who is going to pay me for my time of demo testing the million dolloar product.

Who is going to pay me for my lost masterwork that can not be reshot.

Who is going to pay me for my time at the shrink because of camera failiure anxiety.

 Manufacturers get a grip or get a very good laywer. Im fed up and so are others.

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