Broken angel in black and white

Broken angel in Long Beach

Broken angel in Long Beach

Photographing angel is like trying to photograph the future and is more often than not connected with some thing hiper romantic and an effort to describe some religious experiences and thoughts in some kitchy design. The only contrast to that is in death as you can often find statues of angel of all kinds on graves. I found therefore this broken angel quiet depicting of the situation that was going on in the western states after that the hurricane Katarina struck.

Broken angel with cut of hands and a sad look by a home stripped of its outer decore and broken windows cleand out. Some how it summed up for me the reactions in the aftermath of the hurricane and the helplesness many people on the gulf coast we talked to where fealing. There was no support and so little had happend in the nine months thad had passed. Where had hope gone. Why where there so few helping hands.

With the black and white picture pf the angel there also is an ending to the area in the book and our travel. We got closer to New Orleance and althoug it to had seen better time. Things where changeing as well as my photography and I was beginning to find my ground in documentar photography even though I did not realize it my self at the time.


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