Blue man on red corner

an standing on a street corninr smoking in the morning in New Orleance

an standing on a street corninr smoking in the morning in New Orleance

The The man in blue on this red corner was one of the more interesting thing I found in New Orleance when we arrived, apart maybe from a street sign on a garbage filled street with the name Clinton street or the millitary men rounded up to recruate freshmen on their gratuation day. This man leaning towards the lamppost reminding me of the song whos name I can not remember but goes something like ... he was loking back at me to see if I was looking back at him ...

Calm and quiet it seemd that nothing had happend in his world and his  calmness and cool had not been influenced by the hurricane Katarina or its aftermath. Or did it. This was around nine in the morning and some thing tells me that in the brown bag of his, he is carrying in one hand is not his lunchbox and his gesture shows a indication of being cought of guard as he realises all to late that I have lifted the camera towards my eye but I am past him before he knows what happend or can react to what he thinks has happens.

That is street photography, photographer lurking around with his camera making little to no interruption to your othervise normal life until he publishes it,that is if your name is not Bruce Gilden


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