Anton Corbijn style in Lightroom

Anton Corbijin style selfportrait

Anton Corbijin style selfportrait

My first encounter with Anton Corbijn was through Joshua Tree album by U2 and later through the likes of Tom Waits and Miles Davis.  Ever since I have followed his work and been an admirer. I have not particularly sought after to copy his style, but to day when playing around with Lightroom it kind of happened and I decided to go for a try.

It is almost impossible to copy exactly his style in Lightroom as his way of toning in the darkroom is so special. One could take it to Adobe Photoshop for further stylizing if one wanted but I do not see the point of exact copying. If you take a style from some one else it is a courtesy to them to build up on it but not only copy it raw and use.

As I made my Anton Corbijn style in Lightroom I realized that it does no fairness to ones skin so for now until I have tested it on a model I did the test on myself.  The reddish gold tone that mainly sits in the middle tones in the original toned Anton Corbijn work is difficult to achieve in Lightroom but this is close enough for me at the moment.  

If you do not know how Anton Corbijn is you should update your self right now by visiting his website.

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