10 reasons why you as a photographer should not leave Photoshelter like I am doing

woman tourist taking a picture with a phone

The answer to the question of weather you should leave Photoshleter like I am doing is simple. NO - you should not. I have my reasons why I joined and why I have been with them for so long but because of my answer to questions on those reasons I am leaving. It does not mean you should and here is why.

1. Photoshelter is easy to use.
2. Photoshelter is not expencive.
3. Your Photoshelter account pays for it self.
4. It is easy to serve clients through Photoshelter.
5. You can serve clients from where ever in the world you are.
6. It is easy to sell images through Photoshelter.
7. It is easy to promote your work through Photoshelter.
8.  It is easy to have web appearance with Photoshelter.
9. Photoshelter runs active promotions for photographers.
10. Photoshelter is active in teaching and helping photographers about how to do business.

Now if Photoshelter is so great then why am I leaving. Well if you dont know and if you have been following or reading any of my earlier post you should know by now but here are my answer to the 10 reasons.

1. Yes it is
2. Yes it is not expensive
3. No it does not any more
4. I do not have any photography clients any more
5. same as 4
6. Yes but I am not doing it any more
7. Yes and no. If you are not good and work hard it will not sell it self
8. Yes but I already have two other sites
9. Yes and its good for active photographers which I am not any more
9. Yes and Photoshelter does a good job. Some of the teaching I will take with me to the next adventure

All in all, looking back at what I have gotten out of my relationship with Photoshelter, it is a good experience and its played a good role in me serving some of my clients, especially when I have been on the road or on the move. Selling images and promoting some of my stuff has also helped through Photoshelter. 
Now that I am heading in a different direction I cant get a yes to all the statements, so its time to stop diverting my time and concentrate on my new adventure in leather business. It does not mean that I have fully left photography. I will keep working on my series “the way I see it” and I will be designing and making things out of leather, geared towards photographers. 
You can follow my work at www.goodoldcompany.com

Keep on shooting I will keep on stitching

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Woman tourist taking picture with here phone in central Amsterdam

Kristjan Logason is an Icelandic photographer based in Norway at the moment, where he mainly works in fine art and commercial fine art photography.Kristjan owns and runs The art of Icelandic photography.You can contact Krissby phone: +47.916.62749