10 reasons why we can agree that photography sucks big time

From the series Familiarity

Familiarity - series of images about improper or wicked or immoral behavior

There have probably never been taken as many pictures as in the last couple of years. With camera phones already passing point and shoot cameras back in 2010 the amount of daily pictures escalated to sky high numbers. This with endlessly new camera models from companies like Sony, Fuji, Nikon and Canon just to name few, has shifted the emphasis from the content of the image to the clothes the image is wearing. And it is mostly the emperors new clothes. 

Don’t get me wrong. I am in no way a saint here. I am as guilty of the snap posting of my cake baking and pasta making and dogs and toenails, just like any other person out there. Some times they serve a purpose most of the time no other than to keep me from being bored. But I am pissed at my self for being so lazy not to take better images and put some thoughts into the process. Most of all I am pissed at my self for keep on trying to do any thing worthy with an iPhone instead of using my point and shoot camera that gives thousendfolds better result and take a tad bit more time to light it and think about angles and lines in what I am doing so every one would be a bit more pleased. Just like I do in the images I feel for.

Fortunately there are some good images out there and some photographers that bother to spend time on their images in al genres of photography and we have stream of them to our eyes like never before. These we should be thankful for, but they are few and more of the others that picture and post with out a thought. It is therefore easy to get bored and the art of skimming the net to get through the junk and find the needle in the haystack is really becoming an artful skill. 

Hopefully my feeling is right that things at last are changing a bit and people coming to terms with what photography is and that it is a form of art that needs to be mastered to become good at it, just like any art and it is free to be what ever it wants to be how ever you get to the end result. But then again it is all about the end result and if that is not thoughtful or thought through, photography sucks big time. Can we agree on that? Here are some reasons when I think it sucks bigtime.

1. When it is a snap with out a thought.

2. When it is a phone snap with out a thought and slapped on filter.

3. When its snapped with out a thought on any kind of point and shoot plastic camera like Diana and Holga and presented as art or Lomography. Just because something came otu of the camera.

4. When it is unprocessed raw file published by individuals with anal ideas about photography.

5. When it is a straight out of camera jpg file from individuals with strange philosophical idea about “true” photography that they then spend 100’s of blogpost on trying to defend with out reading two words about the history of photography. Let alone understand it. 

6 When it is an unretouched image because the “photographer” has some anal ideas about “what true” photography is. There is no such thing and by the way there is no Santa Claus either. 

7. When it is a image with heavy amount of photoshop effects and still sucks because nobody was thinking about the content.

8. When it is so technically perfect that it gets boring because nobody cared to think about the content

9. When it is an image taken to show of the quality of the newest lens and its bokhe a thing the author does not understand what really is.

10. When it is presented as the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me Canon, nIkon, Sony and other gods.

There is a big emphasis in the blog sphere and in all marketing now that content is king. This is true. Content is king and not only in blogposts but in photography and art as well. A photographic image is a mastery when the person creating it takes to all tricks in the book to create an image that gets the viewer to put the world on pause and think about the content. The content does not necessarily have to be of particular high intellectual value. It can just as well be a play of figure and forms. Playing with light and how it falls on things. Photographing to see how things look photographed as Garry Winogrand said. Because even then its done with a simple though and a care to bring out the best of beautiful world and sometimes so cruel.

Happy thoughtful snapping

Kristjan Logason is an Icelandic photographer based in Norway at the moment, where he mainly works in fine art and commercial fine art photography.Kristjan owns and runs The art of Icelandic photography.You can contact Krissby phone: +47.916.62749